Quality Policy Statement

Quality Policy 

Nabny Limited Company strives to put forth its efforts in providing the best services in construction, project management, and large-scale architectural and construction projects. We are committed to implementing the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. Our goals include meeting the requirements and expectations of our clients while maintaining the quality of our employees and collaborators. We have a strong management team whose members adhere to quality standards to support the company's objectives.

To ensure the overall success of the quality system, we pledge to:

Commitment to Quality: We consistently build projects that meet the quality and safety standards set by our government.

Customer Satisfaction: We work to achieve customer satisfaction and exceed their demands and expectations with the highest quality to earn their trust.

Compliance: We adhere to local laws and regulations in our projects and ensure compliance with all relevant standards.

Continuous Improvement: We encourage innovation and strive for excellence in all aspects of our work by promoting a culture of quality within the company.

Training and Competence: We invest in the development and training of our employees to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, and readiness to perform operations at the highest quality.

Safety: We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, contractors, and stakeholders involved in our projects. Our top priority is to meet safety and health standards.

Environmental Responsibility: We aim to minimize our environmental impact in our projects and operations and encourage our partners to comply.

Communication: We promote cooperation and communication and commit to maintaining open and transparent communication with our customers, employees, and suppliers.

Risk Management: We adopt a process control system to ensure the flawless completion of each project and identify and mitigate risks in our projects.

Annual Meetings: We hold at least one annual meeting to review the periodic meetings conducted throughout the year.

The Quality Policy will serve as a cornerstone for our company, and all employees are committed to the quality management system and hold responsibilities in their respective fields to ensure quality work.