What is a Post-Tension?

The post tension system was first used in construction in 1933 in France. It was quickly applied in many large projects around the world. Post Tension has spread widely in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the past years due to its speed in construction, cost savings, earthquake resistance, crack prevention, and environmental preservation. It has been used in high buildings, residential complexes, hotels, bridges, tunnels, and strengthening facilities

The post-tensioned concrete system relies on subjecting the concrete element to lateral forces aligned with the sector's axis. This is accomplished by inserting cables inside the concrete element and then tightening them using hydraulic machines specially designed for post-tensioning work after the concrete pouring process. This generates horizontal compressive forces, which, in turn, create vertical forces within the cables to counterbalance the loads to which the element is exposed, ultimately leading to its stability.

Advantages Of Post-Tension Concrete

NABNY uses the latest construction technologies to provide clients with efficient, cost-effective designs that contribute to a sustainable built environment. Perhaps the most cutting-edge construction technology today is the use of post-tensioned concrete in many types of structures.


The thickness of the slabs is at least 20% less than other slab systems such as Hollow Block Slab and flat slabs.


By reducing the weight of steel in the slab up to 60%, we can effectively decrease the density of reinforced concrete.

Columns and foundations

 PT system allows for large spans between columns, making it ideal for commercial purposes. Additionally, our unique slab and structure design can lead to a foundation saving of no less than 10%.

Construction time

 PT system allows for quicker formwork dismantling, with the option to do so just 3 days after pouring the slab or when the stress of the concrete cubes reaches 70% of the design strength. This is a significant improvement compared to normal slabs, which typically require 21 days.

Our Services

Value Engineering

We restudy projects to meet customer needs to reduce project budgets and duration with high quality.


We provide the best safe designs that suit long spans and achieve the architectural goal.

Supply and installation of post tension

We provide top-notch materials and exceptional execution efficiency within the shortest time possible.

Why you Choose nabny to execute your project ?

·         We specialize in delivering top-notch materials in construction and post tension concrete. Our team boasts extensive experience and is comprised of highly skilled professionals who prioritize efficiency and excellence.

·         We are committed to adhering to the highest quality and technical standards in each project we undertake, ensuring timely delivery and competitive pricing.

·         Our customers' satisfaction is our top priority, and we consistently strive to exceed their expectations and foster long-term partnerships.