Qualified competencies, growing projects, and an ambitious entity.

Our Mission

We will build, with competencies, an ambitious entity involved in achieving the Kingdom’s vision and our goals for growth, innovation and sustainability to enhance our social responsibility.

Saudi 2030

Contribute continuously to meeting the needs of national development and the aspirations

Projects & Society

Building prominent cultural landmarks, various service facilities, basic infrastructure, and residential and commercial projects, according to the highest quality standards, in a way that meets the aspirations of Saudi society and enhances its prosperity.

A Company of the Future

Adopting the latest engineering technologies and methods in construction and project management that ensure high quality and operational efficiency.

Human Capital

Investing in employment by attracting and retaining the best talent through high-level training, moral support, recognition and continuous motivation

Environment and Safety

We build safety by applying the highest standards and procedures for security and safety, and preserving the environment in which we operate.

Clientele and Partners

We build our relationships with our partners and customers, which are based on trust, transparency and integrity, by providing the best solutions and services and respecting promises and commitments.

Our Core Values

customers satisfaction

We seek to meet the wishes, needs and aspirations of our customers with practical and future aspirations and pay great attention to their aspirations, as we always work tightly and closely with them

Innovation and creativity

We are always keen to reach the latest industry fluctuations, innovations in our field, and hurry to learn and adopt innovative methods that constantly and .consistently reinforce our division

Integrity and transparency

Our work is based on what is right in all cases, we abide by laws and regulations, and we respect communication with everyone, and with our clients in particular, and keep them fully informed of all project progress, and we pledge to advise, honest and clear with them and with all stakeholders in our field of work.

Build Responsibility

Every work we do according to clear procedures and precise standards, and every promise we make to ourselves we are dedicated to fulfilling it.

Build Transparency

We maintain professionalism in performing all practical tasks, from the moment the idea is issued until the implementation process is fully completed, and therefore we have obtained the confidence and continuity of our customers.

Build Integrity

We constantly strive to provide real value to our clients regardless of the size of their projects. This value is reflected in the appropriateness of costs, the quality of ideas and materials, and the excellence of management and implementation.

our sectors


Residential , Commercial, Mosques, and Schools Landscape gardens and landscaping Stadiums of all kinds Road works asphalting, pavement, and beautification

Operation & Maintenance

Maintenance and operation of street lighting poles Maintenance and operation of electrical transformers Maintenance and operation of public utilities General cleanliness of streets and government facilities

Post-Tensioned Concrete

Value Engineering Design Supply and installation of post tension

Electromechanical Works

Electrical works for buildings Street lighting poles installation works Works of power generators and transformers cable extensions

Our Management

The company has a highly qualified executive team, who possesses the knowledge and expertise and has a large balance of experience in various fields, such as engineering, law, financial management, risk management, internal auditing, project management, contract management, and other areas that serve the sector.