Total Quality Management System ISO

ISO 9001:2015

occupational health and safety management system

ISO 45001:2018

Environmental management system

ISO 14001 : 2015

Annual iftar for the year 2023

In cooperation with the People with Disabilities Club

Support cooperative training and internships

Training university, college and institute students

Initiative to support the employment of Tabuk graduates

Providing job opportunities for graduates

Skills Program Initiative

In cooperation with King Abdulaziz University

Mental and motor sports initiative

In cooperation with the Ministry of Sports in the

Azer Initiative

Support for workshops and dialogue sessions

Prisoner Debt Repayment Initiative

In cooperation with the Tarahum Association

Saudi Coffee World Forum

In cooperation with the University of Tabuk

Cooperative training support initiative

Training university students and hosting them at the headquarters

Participation in the Misk Tour

Misk Foundation for Creative Energies

Prisoner Welfare Initiative

In cooperation with the “Tarahum” Committee,

Leadership Camp Initiative

To develop the skills of entrepreneurs

Organizing iftar for fasting people

Annual NABNY Company breakfast

Deem Tabuk Initiative

In cooperation with the Tabuk Youth Council

Launching the initiative to support the gifted

Forming volunteer teams for the gifted

An initiative to plant a thousand trees in the Tabuk desert

In cooperation with the Tabuk Green Association